Wasn’t much of a talker, only loved to watch; preferred looking, observing, experiencing things. Being there when it happened, being the hand that ignored the scratch. Until that moment when what was seen was grave. Mwila watched her mother, a strong woman of immense African beauty but very little modern education, pushed below, further and … Continue reading MWILA



“Come up here and say something that will hold our attention for at least five minutes,” she says then trimly moves to the side. Without much thought, I walk up to the front, pace left to right, swing my hands back, and turn around to face them. At least thirty pairs of eyes look up … Continue reading BARBARA

Maybe It Is Just Me

Initially, I’d named this note as “Fragments of Awkwardness“ then I convinced myself the title was cheesy and perhaps a little self righteous. That is, me trying to sound so deep even when there’s no need, trying to show off for nothing. But I thought the title above serves the purpose much better, or maybe … Continue reading Maybe It Is Just Me