It’s quite amazing how feelings have been cornered by words in a sad song. Thoughts continue to refuse to dwell upon a mind that eagerly calls upon them for inspiration. Trying to write down something deep but the mood feels wrong. No impact, no affection. The music in the background is loud and un-relatable; posing … Continue reading MOFYA



  Midnight quickly extends one arm out and he dives into its midst wide awake and mentally charged. Peace like cold strong air has been locked outside the door; the door that is a simple pathway to his world and that at large. This same door doesn’t close all the way leaving a few inches. … Continue reading POMPA


With all the acts, trials, and women that confused me, All the suffering and wisdom infused in me I still can't reach my intended destination, Still can't feel the pleasure of living without any oppression. Homely, in solitude express my feelings About wars, loveless deaths, suicides, and misfits of racial killings. Sometimes even wish there … Continue reading JUST WISHING