“Come up here and say something that will hold our attention for at least five minutes,” she says then trimly moves to the side. Without much thought, I walk up to the front, pace left to right, swing my hands back, and turn around to face them. At least thirty pairs of eyes look up … Continue reading BARBARA



They tell me they appear in threes; I hurt one, kill another, so where is the other? That’s the brand of nonsense he and I talk about. We are a faultless pair; I was the hit and he was the run of that equation. But I don’t care. He might as well go. I forgot … Continue reading SANDRA

Tears for Saint Trouble

Monday, 4th July, 2011 I sit here and wonder.. Which picture of you should I paint? The stubborn uncle Who only wanted to watch that movie “The Saint”? The funny friend Who joked about losing his shadow? Or the prodigal son Whom only Elizabeth could handle? You were and still remain The strongest man I … Continue reading Tears for Saint Trouble